Looking for dog photography models! - Dog Photographer of the Year

Looking for Pastoral dog photography models for Tuesday, May 8th at the Kennel Club building in Stoneleigh Park (Coventry).  The Kennel Club are pleased to be working with Dog Photographer of the Year sponsor, Nikon School UK in hosting some amazing one day  dog photography courses.  All courses are run and managed by Nikon School UK (not the Kennel Club) however we are supporting Nikon School UK by finding some great dog models as well as being present to take official photos for Kennel Club marketing, press and social media.  We would love to have some of our beautiful  Pastoral breeds in attendance - in particular any of our rare pastoral breeds or breeds that we don't see very often through  photography. 

Dog photography is a great way for people to learn about their dogs or other people's favourite breed through the skill of taking photographs.  We are so pleased to work with Nikon School UK - the UK's leading photography school offering instructive one day courses for professional, amateur and beginner photographers.   

Learn more about Nikon School UK and their dog photography courses here:


Please email the Kennel Club Picture Library (Photography Office) for further details if you are interested in participating with your dog(s) as photography models for Tuesday, May 8th.


*Priority may be given to those that live closest to Stoneleigh

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