Q: What was it like placing in Dog Photographer of the Year?

Being awarded first place in such an important competition was amazing

Q: Tell us about your winning photo? How did you capture this great photo?

Cocoa was going back to our friend’s farm that day, it was a moment of great emotion between my wife and a friend’s dog.

Q: What made you enter our annual competition?

It was the great prestige of Dog Photographer of the Year – the world’s greatest dog photographer competition in the world

Q: Was it difficult to choose your images for entry?

Yes, because each picture has its own story

Q: How long have you loved photography?

Since my childhood

Q: How did you start as a dog photographer?

I started photographing dogs when Toddy, my border collie, came home 6 years ago

Q: Do you specialise in any particular breeds?

I'm no expert in dog breeds. I love my 3 Border Collies and my 2 mongrel dogs

Q: What is your favourite photo that you have taken?

Every photo has its own story, and every dog has his story, so I do not have a favourite photo or dog

Q: Would you have any tips to offer new dog photographers just starting out?

Love, patience, dedication, focus on the eyes of the dog and get on their level

Q: What’s the best thing about working as a professional dog photographer?

I do not consider myself a professional dog photographer, however the best thing is enjoyment

Q: What is your favourite type of dog photography to shoot?

I prefer to photograph my dogs in the field - outdoors is freedom

Q: Are you working on any new dog photography project(s) that you would like to talk about?

My life project is always photographing my friends and companions of every day

Q: Any tips for people entering Dog Photographer of the Year?

In addition to the technical quality, of course, the picture has to tell a story and pass on emotion.

Visit www.carlosaliperti.com.br for more information about Carlos work.

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