Category descriptions for Dog Photographer of the Year 2019

Dog Portrait

In category, the dog should be the main subject in your photo.  Your photo can be taken in studio or outside, with a plain background or not but the photograph should be the dog.  Portraits can depict part of the dog such as just the head or the entire body of the dog standing or sitting or lying down. Portraits can also illustrate more than one dog, in a group portrait.

Dogs at Play
This category all about showing happy and healthy dogs playing and enjoying life as dogs know how to do. Examples of this category may include dogs playing together, playing with a ball, chasing, running etc. (Please no photos of dogs with sticks).

Dogs at Work
This category is about showing dogs performing working tasks such as: retrieving, pointing, running, herding, pulling a sledge, swimming, rescuing, etc.

The puppy category is for photographs of puppies under 6 months of age. The photograph can be any of the following: puppy portrait, puppies at play, new born puppies and puppies with mum.  One or more puppies can be pictured.

Man's Best Friend
This category is for the dog photographer to show that special bond between people and dogs. Examples of Man’s Best Friend photos can be of dog and owner, dog with humans walking, playing or a simple portrait together. Showing companionship, loyalty and the rewards of dog ownership.  All photographs in this category must include a dog and a person.

Assistance Dogs (Charity category)
Assistance dogs are trained to aid or assist an individual with a disability. Many assistance dogs are trained by an assistance dog organization, or by their handler or with the help of a professional trainer.  Have you captured a photo of an assistance dog helping someone or aiding someone?  This is your chance as a photographer to showcase your favourite assistance dog charity through your photos how dogs enrich people's lives. The winner of this category will have the opportunity to nominate their favourite assistance dog charity for a £500 donation from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust to help make a difference for dogs.

Rescue Dogs (Charity category)
This category is about promoting the positive attributes of rescue dogs (either currently living in a shelter or at home with their new family).  Photographs of a rescue dog (or dogs) can be pedigree or cross breed but photographs of rescue dogs must be positive in context.  We want to see images of happy and healthy dogs. Your entry for this category could be of a rehomed rescue dog, dogs enjoying a play outside or capturing a special moment of a dog being rehomed. The winner of this category will have the opportunity to nominate their favourite rescue dog charity for a £500 donation from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

I Love Dogs Because… (Young Photographers aged 12 – 17 years only)
This category is for the young photographer aged 12 to 17 years old to demonstrate through their photography skills why they love their own dog or why they love dogs in general.

Young Pup Photographer (Young Photographers aged 11 years and under only)
Young pup photographer category is just for the very new and young dog photographers under 11 years of age.  This category is for our very beginner young dog photographers!  Young photographers just need to demonstrate through their photography why they love their dog or why they love dogs in general.

Oldies is our category to highlight our canine senior citizens.  Photographs for this category must be of dogs aged 8 years or older.  Oldies can be pedigree or cross breed dogs.  Images taken of senior dogs can be in-studio, outdoor, portrait, landscape or a close-up. Show your love of senior dogs!

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